Published: 08/10/2017 06:00 - Updated: 04/10/2017 14:37

Campaign to allow Sunday sport and entertainment in Inverness rejected in 1960

IC 200, Inverness Courier


PROPOSALS to introduce Sunday sport, recreation and entertainment in Inverness were rejected after a three-hour debate by councillors in January.

So many people packed into the Town House for what was described as "one of the most extraordinary meetings ever held by Inverness Town Council" that not everyone could fit into the council chamber and more than 200 people had to listen to the speeches in the adjoining Town Hall.

The proposals to open Bellfield Park putting greens and tennis courts on Sundays and to make Bught Park available for football and other sports had attracted strong opposition from churches and other organisations.

They were subsequently turned down by councillors who also disapproved of proposals to open a cinema on Sundays during the winter.

In its editorial, The Inverness Courier stated: "Inverness Town Council has given a welcome lead to those fighting against the increasing secularisation of Sunday and, moreover, has shown the spirit needed today in Britain, if not the whole universe, if spiritual revival, so eloquently and fervently extolled and besought as the remedy for this world's present ills is ever to come about.

"By upholding the tradition, not to say sanctity, of the Highland Sabbath, Inverness is certainly even further entitled to her proud title of Capital of the Highlands, and it is to be hoped that her Council will add further lustre to her crown by recognising the reality and seriousness of the 'teenage problem' which was the reason for the 'brighter Sunday' proposals in the first place and tackling it with the same thoroughness and courage."

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