Published: 23/08/2017 06:00 - Updated: 22/08/2017 11:57

Britain declares war on Germany in 1914

IC 200, Inverness Courier


THE declaration of war on August 4 resulted in immediate impacts for the people of Inverness although some sensitive information could not be reported.

Although the mobilisation of local troops took place, for example, The Inverness Courier was asked not to publish details of troops or any other local information regarding the assembling or despatch of naval or military forces in case it fell into enemy hands.

It did report, however, that the Government had taken over control of the railways to enable troops to be moved to any point without delay.

The Inverness Red Cross also met at the Town Hall to enlist people willing to help the Northern Infirmary staff to nurse the wounded.

At the request of the Admiralty, the infirmary agreed it would serve as a naval base hospital and open up the wards and put up marquees in the grounds for the treatment of wounded men.

Provision was made for 150 beds in anticipation of a war in the North Sea as Inverness would be the first place the wounded would be landed.

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