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Roughing it

Creag Dubh and Mhor

EVERY now and then I like to test myself on difficult terrain where route finding and judgement are a bit more critical.

Bright idea to head for the hills

Published: Sat 27 Jan 2018

Ben Aigan

After days of mist, damp and cold weather the skies finally cleared. OK, it was still only two degrees in the middle of the day, but the sun was out and it was time to get outside to enjoy the bright conditions.

A vole new experience

Published: Sat 13 Jan 2018

Ben Wyvis Nicole

Taking to the hills in winter requires a whole new skillset, as Nicole Webber discovers as she ventures out to climb her first winter Munro with her more experienced partner

Slide away

Published: Sat 23 Dec 2017

Abrichan winter run

"You're making it hard for yourself," she told me, and it was difficult to argue. Here I was, not much more than a couple of miles into what is usually a straightforward short run, battling through the deep snow and making slow progress.

Something to grouse about

Published: Sat 18 Nov 2017

Creag Ruadh

You have to feel sorry for red grouse. They're nurtured from young birds on managed grouse moors, then just when they think life is dandy and everything on the moor is rosy, they're blasted out of the sky!

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