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The drama of Sutherland's mountains never ceases to amaze, no matter how many times I venture north of Ullapool into that rugged landscape of peaks and lochs.

A Minigaig adventure

Published: Sat 05 May 2018

Vango tent

Perched in the entrance of the tent, I watched as a golden eagle soared majestically over the head of Glen Bruar, its wing tips glinting as the sun sank slowly behind the hills.

A hole new approach to mountaineering

Published: Sat 07 Apr 2018

Braebag and the Bone Caves

The mesmerising landscape of the north-west Highlands is nothing new to those lucky enough to live there, or near enough to visit on a regular basis. But the geology of the area is important in global terms, and the rocks here are among the oldest in the world.

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