Published: 04/08/2017 11:00 - Updated: 03/08/2017 12:25

Inverness community driven to distraction over ditched motors

Written byKenny MacDonald


David McGrath and Rena Main have raised the issue with Highland Council.
David McGrath and Rena Main have raised the issue with Highland Council.
ABANDONED cars are plaguing Culloden, according to community council boss David McGrath.


And he has called for action to tow all the ditched vehicles from the area and allow residents the chance to park near their own homes.

Mr McGrath, of Galloway Drive, Culloden, criticised the apparent lack of action from Highland Council which he claims is refusing to cough up the cash to solve the problem.

He said: “There are up to three abandoned cars in some courts around here and residents cannot even park near their own homes. It’s ridiculous.

“But like everything else it just seems to be down to money and the council won’t spend it.”

Mr McGrath is chairman of Smithton and Culloden Community Council and he highlighted the issue last November in the Courier.

He said: “We have raised this a number of times at the community council, but the Highland Council previously said the vehicles were subject to SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).

“But they are not being kept on private drive ways, they are on the public car parking for the courts.

“I think some people reckon they can get away with it because car owners no longer have to display car tax discs.”

The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency states that when a vehicle is taken off road, and no longer subject to tax and insurance, then it must not be used on a public road and kept in a garage, private drive or private land.

Mr McGrath (70) disputed Highland Council’s housing department’s previous response and added: “The department told us that technically it was privately owned land, but we say it’s still the responsibiity of the council.

“The only time the council actually reacted was when kids set fire to a couple of cars previously.

“Obviously we don’t want to see anything like that happening again in the area.

“But we all want these vehicles taken away.

“It’s just a real nuisance for tenants around here.”

A council spokesman said: “When the public report cases our staff quickly investigate and take action.

“But they have to contact us in the first place.

“Some may go to the police thinking it is them that will deal with such incidents, but we have info on our website on how people can report such car and it can be found on”

He added: “Staff will respond quickly to any such reports of abandoned cars on council land.

“In many such cases people think cars are abandoned, but a lot turn out to be owned and parked up by their owners.

“Our community wardens also report any cars they feel may be abandoned and enquiries take place and action taken if they turn out to be abandoned.

“In this case we would ask McGrath to contact us with specific details of the cars so we can investigate.”

Mr McGrath has since revealed that after the Courier contacted the council one vehicle was removed.

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