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The thing is, 10 or so years ago, the local development plan was signed off. The public wasn't interested, as it was a very boring document. Developers (Tullochs) bought up land, and were promised rich pickings by the Council. Now, when it dawns on the public what this development plan entails, and we see that it is fundamentally flawed, and not what we want, there is absolutely nothing that residents can do about it - the Council simply trot out the mantra 'it's in the local development plan'. It's been agreed by all interested parties - (except the public!)
17/02/2017 21:00
Yes well said guys, this is the reason the HC picked Option 6 and it did not take long for them to open up the. Land for the private enterprise builders. The traffic survey for Option 6 said it would reduce 50 cars per hour going through the town so that miniscul saving will be completely dwarfed by the new traffic created by the 1200 new homes getting built. That means we the tax payers have payed best part of £100 million to increase the congestion in Inverness and also help fill the bank accounts a few already very rich builders. There is a simple answer here though, you should all object to the planning application on the grounds that the local traffic congestion will be dramatically increased on already very congested roads. At the very least NO new building should be permitted until 2020 when phase 2 Option 6 is completed and NO new building should be permitted until the new A9/A96 link road is completed which is scheduled to aid with congestion at Inshes Junction and Inshes Roundabout. There is the question also that the Builders should be made to contribute a large proportion of the access road costs to there new land 25% would be about £25 million, it's not right that the public foot all the bill for the access road just to line the pockets of a handful of private individuals. Maybe the builders could build some social housing for nothing to pay off the access road costs.
17/02/2017 20:09
HR, You keep banging on about a reliable public transport service, give it a break you know it aint gonna happen, as for all these drivers on the road, live with it mate as it is only going to get worse. the bigger the city the more vehicles, it's not rocket science.
17/02/2017 12:22
The city is growing and people need housing. As far as dealing with the increased congestion goes we need to see a reliable punctual public transport network fit for the 21st century put in place. The motorists have been indulged for decades and it's ruined the ambience of our city not to mention the air quality for the many of us living next to the congested roads.
17/02/2017 12:14
Myusername Here! here! John Finnie's remarks (BBC) are absolutely right "The reality is that a small number of houses in many rural locations would have a better social impact than a sprawling suburbia in Inverness."
17/02/2017 00:18